What Our Visitors Are Saying

What Our Visitors Are Saying
It is so important to have this museum. Everybody should see it!
(California, USA)

Your museum is very interesting and provides a very necessary educational insight to this area.
(El Salvador)

After seeing this exhibition, I’ve found a new window!
(Michigan, USA)

Wonderful place! Stay strong to your dreams.
(California, USA)

A gem of a museum – meticulously labled – very interesting!
(California, USA

Small (museum)…but expansive
(Nevada, USA)

Fantastic – should be compulsory for a Palm Springs visitor!
(Christchurch, New Zealand)

What an informative and proud display. Excellent!
(Washington, USA)

I never realized how intricate and involved the making of a basket was! Beautiful story!
(California, USA)

A breath of fresh air!
(Oregon, USA)

Fascinating and welcoming.
(New Jersey, USA)

Love the information! Can’t wait for more in the new Museum!
(California, USA)

Second time here! Great exhibition!
(Cologne, Germany)

We always enjoy the various perspectives brought to the public at the Museum.
(California, USA)

Simple, and thought provoking – an education!
(British Columbia, Canada)

Perfect indigenous garden – especially the descriptions!
(Arizona, USA)

Great museum, and very interesting programs!
(California, USA