About the Exhibitions

Engaging exhibitions at the Museum portray the history and culture of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians and other Indigenous people. Exhibitions are content-based, and draw from extensive collections of archaeological material, objects of material culture, art, crafts, documents, publications, photographs, and audiovisual media – historic and contemporary.

  • Current Exhibition
    In the fall of each year, a new exhibition created by the Curatorial Department is featured at the Museum, focusing aspects of Native American history and culture, particularly that of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians. 
  • Core Exhibitions
    Core exhibitions at the Museum encompass aspects of Agua Caliente and Cahuilla history and culture. This is where one can learn about Tribal economics, language, religion and belief systems, and kinship – and view a timeline that highlights key events in the history of the Tribe. It is the core of knowledge of the culture and history of the Tribe, and a starting point for all understanding.
    Off-Site Exhibitions
  • Agua Caliente Cultural Museum collaboratively shares its resources with other institutions through off-site exhibitions, offering a unique glimpse of local history for university students and staff, Coachella Valley residents, and visitors to the desert.
  • Online Exhibitions
    Many of the Museum's most popular exhibitions displayed in recent years have been captured online, and now serve as informative educational resources for students, teachers, and research scholars. 
  • Past Exhibitions
    Synopses of previous exhibitions indicate the scope and depth of many installations at the Museum and at offsite locations. In some cases, links are provided to obtain additional information about these exhibitions, some of which are now in the form of online exhibitions. The Museum Curator and Archivist welcome inquires regarding past exhibitions.
  • Future Exhibitions
    The planning of exhibitions displayed at the Museum and offsite locations is a year-round effort.  In this section, you will get a glimpse of exhibitions being developed now for display in the future at the Museum and offsite locations.