Agua Caliente Cultural Museum offers a variety of educational community outreach programs for school groups and community organizations. Programs include Museum tours; guided canyon hikes; school, civic, and business presentations; and library and archives research opportunities.

Museum Tours

Tours of the Museum include a guided interpretation of permanent and seasonal exhibitions, the story of the Cahuilla Indians and their adaptation to the mountain and desert environments, and the art of Cahuilla basketry and pottery. Tours are limited to 30 participants. The length of tours depends on group size and specific interests.

Guided Cultural Hikes

Guided cultural hikes for school groups feature an easy-to-moderate one-mile loop of beautiful Andreas Canyon. Hike commentary includes information on the natural resources and cultural heritage of the site, with a visit to a replica of an ancestral village of the Cahuilla people. Plants, animals, and the landscape are discussed to provide a context for understanding how natural resources were used in daily desert life. Artifact replicas of common tools are also used to illustrate aspects of Cahuilla culture. Hikes take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours depending upon topic focus and size of group.

School, Civic, and Business Presentations

Focusing on Cahuilla adaptations to desert and mountain environments, community outreach to groups explore topics such as shelter, clothing, hunting, food gathering and processing, and the use of tools. Presentations are tailored to focus on the specific areas of interest of each participating school, civic organization, and not-for-profit group. Replicated artifacts and a 15-minute audiovisual program that depicts the traditions and customs of Cahuilla culture may be included in these 45-minute presentations.

For information about scheduling a Museum tour, canyon hike, or group presentation for a school, business, or community organization, please send us a message or call 760.833.8169.

Research Opportunities

The Museum research library and archives house a growing collection of materials on Native cultures, with a special emphasis on the Agua Caliente Band's history and Cahuilla culture. More than 5,000 book titles, periodicals dating from 1934 to the present, a Cahuilla reference collection, and finding aids to archival collections are available to the public by appointment Monday through Friday. Additional information is available by clicking research library and archives.